Hot stones massage :

The hot stones massage get you a sensation of well-being and of relaxation largely superior to any other massage. Indeed, one hour of massage with hot stones represent 4 or 5 hours of regular massage. The muscular relaxation is more important with the heat of the stones and we can treat deep tissues more easily.

1 hour = $80 | 1h30 hour = $105

Swedish massage (relaxation):

The Swedish massage is well known for its soothing and relaxing virtues. Slow and precise movements will allow your body to relax quite gently. It's a beautiful opportunity to empty your mind and relax in a welcoming atmosphere.

1 hour = $50 | 1h30 hour = $65

Massage for the treatment of the cellulite:

Cellulite is mainly localized in thighs and in buttocks. This massage will help reduce its appearance and improve the texture of your skin. Althought this massage is not particularly pleasant, the efficiency will make you forget this small inconvenience.

1 hour = $60 | or $1 per minute (10 minutes by site)

Exfoliating massage:

If you want to make a beautiful present to yourself and have a soft and satiny skin, the exfoliating massage is a good choice! A slow and soft massage with a specific gel will make your skin feel more flawless with the sensation of a pleasant touch.

1 hour = $60

Deep tissus massage :

A quite in-depth massage to make disappear the tensions caused by a bad posture or awkward movements. After some sessions you will wonder why you have waited so long for this.

1 hour = $60